Tap Cam

Tap Cam is the powerful camera with more than 50 live filters and effects to process images in real-time. Many useful tools like a zoom, delayed automatic release, continuous shooting, image stabiliser and a grid help you taking awesome pictures. Additionally Tap Cam comes along with an advanced image editor for post processing your pictures!



  • Zoom:
    Use the familiar zoom gesture in order to zoom with a variable 10-fold-enlargement.
  • Deleayed automatic release:
    Delays a shot by 2 to 20 seconds.
  • Continuous shooting:
    Select between 2 and 5 pictures for an automatic continuous shooting.
  • Image stabilizer:
    Avoids the release as long as your iPhone is moving.
  • Grid:
    To compose great pictures.
  • Virtual horizon:
    Helps you to perfectly align your iPhone.

All tools may be activated/deactivated and combined at will!


  • Image adjustments:
    Hue, Saturation, Contrast, Brightness, Levels, Exposure, Gamma …
  • Art:
    Sketch, Cartoon, Watercolor, Posterize, Chalk …
  • Distortion:
    Swirl, Bulge, Sphere, Pinch, Stretch …
  • Style:
    Sepia, Black&White and a whole bunch of cool retro styles
  • Sharpen & blur:
    Sharpen, Unsharp Mask, Gaussian Blur, Selective Blur …
  • Pixelizer:
    Retro Dots, Pixelate, Newspaper Print …
  • Miscellaneous:
    Tilt Shift, Vignette …

Live filters and effects are freely combinable and adjustable!


  • Auto enhance your photos within a second
  • Adjust colors, brightness, contrast and saturation
  • Crop, rotate and flip your images
  • Red-Eye removal tool
  • Blemish removal tool
  • Sharpen or blur your images

User reviews

  • very high class, professional looking interface, quite possibly the best looking interface of all the camera apps available. 10x zoom is quite good and useable. Great set of in camera editing tools.
    by imac22
  • This app is the next big camera app to come out.
    by Next big app
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